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Mint Ventures LLC (Parent company of Mint International) believes it takes three key elements for an employee to be productive and successful within an organization: Opportunity, Work Environment, and Compensation. The Leadership at Mint Ventures strives to maximize these key elements and maintain a team of professionals that get more out of their jobs than just work.

OPPORTUNITY - Where do you want to be in Six-years with your career? In fifteen-years?  We will ask you these questions. As a growing company, Mint offers opportunity for advancement within the company to successful employees. We will create a successful roadmap for your career early.


WORK ENVIRONMENT - Improving the work environment is a key element for employee retention. Management accomplishes this by evaluating each employee’s workspace, tools needed to complete tasks, fellow team members, etc. We will ask for your feedback during your annual review regarding your current position so that you will feel confident with your team and position.










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